Lost Cards

No problem. Just because you lose your card doesn't mean you'll lose the money in your account. Report a lost card immediately to suspend activity on your account! Call Access Services during business hours at 368-2273 or 368-3333 after business hours or during weekends and holidays. If your CaseOneCard is active as a PNC ATM Card, you must deactivate the ATM function immediately. Follow the procedures at pnc.com/cwru to deactivate. To obtain a new CaseOneCard, bring a photo ID to Access Services during business hours.


Linking your new replacement CaseOneCard to a US bank account is no longer available.


Your first University ID card is free, however a replacement fee of $25 will be charged for lost, stolen or damaged cards (including holes punched in cards). If your card has been stolen, after reporting it to the CaseOneCard office, file a police report. A copy of the report may be submitted to our office and after reviewed, the replacement fee may be waived.


To Reactivate your card:

The cardholder must request reactivation from Access Services in person, ID card must be present. Only Access Services can reactivate a card once it is reported as lost or stolen.


Only one CaseOneCard per cardholder may be valid at any time.



Procedure for reactivating your PNC ATM function can be found at pnc.com/cwru


Please note that CaseOneCard no longer has a contract with US Bank. Replacement CaseOneCards cannot link to a US Bank account.