For Faculty/Staff

Welcome! We're happy to extend to you all of the benefits of the CaseOneCard Program. Your CaseOneCard gets you access to the library, academic and administrative buildings.

It's easier than ever to use CaseCharge to purchase what you need on and off campus - from vending and copy machines to morning coffee to lunch at your favorite local restaurants. There's no reason to carry anything but the CaseOneCard when you're on campus.


Under the CaseCharge program, Faculty and Staff with a university ID card will be able to purchase goods and services at on and off campus locations.

Full time employees will have a $250 purchase limit, part-time employees a $100 purchase limit. Under the program, full and part time employees will have their CaseOneCard expenses directly deducted from their paycheck at the end of the month.  The balance resets the second Tuesday of every month at midnight.

CaseCharge transaction history and balance information can be accessed on this website by activating your account here.

To open your CaseCharge account, fill out the form below, print it out, and drop it by Access Services - Crawford Hall Room 18 from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Monday - Friday.

Downloadable Enrollment Form (The form is an interactive Adobe PDF file. Simply fill in the information and print out.)

Note: New employees must be on Case payroll for at least 30 days before they have access to their CaseCharge privileges.